Endless Sourdough Starter


Get fresh sourdough starter and start enjoying delicious bread made at home!

Instructions for using this sourdough starter can be found here.

Shipping and storage information: Our sourdough starter is alive! We recommend no more than 7 days lapse between when the starter leaves our facility and when you start feeding it. Please keep this in mind when choosing a delivery method. 

For best results, open and feed within 24-48 hours of receipt.

What you’ll need: all-purpose flour, water

10% of all Sourdough Sales are donated to Carroll's Kitchen.  Carroll's Kitchen is a nonprofit social enterprise restaurant creating healthy employment for women overcoming crises like homelessness, incarceration, addiction, domestic violence, etc. To learn more, visit their site here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Andrea Heatherington
I'm giving 5 Stars to Start. Will Edit During Process

I am buying the starter culture now 4/17/2021 11am CST.
I am assuming a 5 rating to begin and will adjust this rating by taking into account S&H, packaging quality, product presentation, and of course ease of use and the final product.
I read a review where someone gave this a 1 star rating because it was "cumbersome" and "wasteful". Which seems petty and frankly a bit ridiculous because the instructions are easily read right there in the description. So if you believe its wasteful and cumbersome to tenderly and patiently grow a sourdough culture, WHY WOULD YOU BUY A SOURDOUGH STARTER KIT?
Here's to hope, patience and "cumbersome" tending of a growing culture!

Mark Belsky
Best starter ever!

This starter took off with gang busters!! Grows so fast, really need twice a day feeding... but makes great sourdough!!! I hope to keep it a long time, even grows in frig!!

J Cross

It arrived late and would rise at all. Waste of money for me.

Krista Wallace
So easy

This starter was great. Super easy and the bread I made had a ton of flavor!

Paul Thompson
Sourdough starter

I have not yet made a loaf of bread yet. I find the whole process very cumbersome and wasteful. Having to discard some of the starter each time you feed it. We will see once I make bread, whether I will continue on.