In a world of health fads, instant meal delivery, and diet crazes, we seek to create products that make at-home fermentation simple and accessible.

Fermentation has been around for centuries.

Its origins have been found across the world in many cultures. Fermenting tea to make kombucha has its roots Northern China circa 220 B.C. and bread dough combined with wild yeast that yields sourdough was used at least as early as ancient Egypt.

The process of fermentation itself is one of transformation and preservation.

It turns tea and sugar into fizzy, tart kombucha and flour and water into tangy sourdough - foods that are probiotic-rich and full of nutrients, promoting digestive health.

When we started Endless Ferments, we took our cues from this process: combining some of our most basic ingredients - sugar, flour, salt - and adding time and care to create something delicious and healthy that can be shared with family and friends over-and-over again.

Why Endless Ferments?

Our approach is designed to make it easier to get started with fermentation at home. It’s why we offer high-quality, live starter cultures that are ready to use within days of arriving on your doorstep. These cultures can be used again-and-again for endless batches of kombucha and loaves of sourdough.

10% of all sourdough sales are donated to
support the mission of Carroll’s Kitchen.

To learn more, donate, or order a delicious meal (if you’re local to Raleigh),
visit their site here.